Sunday, July 5, 2015

Summer so far!

Grandee Camp 2015

June 8th-10th  One of the highlights of the summer...Grandee camp with cousins! Hazel, Dawson, Kade and Sophie got to go in the RV for a two night getaway to Galveston! Hazel loved her first ever camping trip in the RV. They had so much fun, playing at the beach, doing crafts, crabbing with Grandad and collecting 37 hermit crabs at the beach!! We heard a lot of funny stories after they returned. What a huge blessing for our kids. Grandee and Grandad sure know how to make memoies with these sweet kids! Eli can't wait to join the fun next summer!

Eli, Caleb and Meredith had so much fun while the big kids were out of town! 

June 15-19  Pine Cove Camp in the City! Hazel's first camp experience. Their counselor's camp name was, Chocolate Covered Mooberry. She was in a cabin group with her friends, Audrey and Julianna. Hazel loved the songs, cheers, games and bible studies at camp.

She sure made Jesse's Father's Day when she told us that she accepted Christ at camp, the week prior. She nonshilantly shared the good news before bedtime when Jesse and I were putting her to bed on Sun. night. After her counselor asked the girls if they had ever prayed the salvation prayer, it compelled Hazel to pray the prayer in the front of her little bible. We are so thrilled that she too will have an eternal home with our Lord and Savior.

Hazel loved going to VBS at Grace Presbyterian for the first time. She came home with a bag of cute crafts! 
Sweet friends, Andrew and Eli having fun in the Sun! 

Eli did a 7 day swim lesson session with a great couple, Stacy and Barrett Ballay. Eli amazed Jesse and I and did so well at swim lessons! He was jumping off the diving board and swimming across the small pool by the end of the week!

Our first time trying out Bahama Bucks after swim lessons!

4th of July!
What a fun day...Parade, Sparklers, BBQ, and fire works with friends! 
This was our first time being in town, on the 4th, so we loved The Woodlands parade and fire works show at Augusta Pines golf course! It was 30 min. of non stop fireworks!! What a great night with the Stoker family!