Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Colorado vacation!

Our family made the long drive and ventured to Colorado for a week! We stropped in Amarillo and broke up our trip in two days. We happened to stay in downtown Amarillo, where a Car show was taking place. It was a fun surprise to watch the cool cars and we even ate a fabulous Italian restaurant near our hotel.

We were definitely on a "Rocky Mountian High" the whole week! (The kids loved listening to "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver on the road.)

The kids surprised us and did really well on the long drive. Movies, books, candy and lots of $1 store prizes!! Hazel played with her silly puddy more than any of the other supplies I brought her! Jesse and I kept laughing at how well Hazel did...playing with that silly putty.

Eli was so excited when we made it to Colorado!
Our first stop...we hiked up to Helen Hunt falls and had a picnic. It was beautiful! It was surreal to be back in Colorado Springs, and it was so fun to show the kids where we lived and all of our old stomping grounds! I couldn't believe I hadn't been back to Colorado in 10 years!
The kids had fun tasting the spring water In Manitou Springs, walking around, playing at the playground and visiting the Cliff House. 

Our first night out at Edelweiss Resaurant...Jesse had a good time introducing all of us to authentic German food.
Beer Garden

The Garden of the Gods, our favorite place that holds sweet memories for Jesse and I. We went to Colorado Springs with Ash and Brian 14 years ago, and took this same photo...
The Broadmoor was just as beautiful and scenic as I remember! It was the perfect temperature outside for a stroll. The weather while in Colorado was just wonderful!!!
The Cog railway was a really cool way to see the beauty of Pike's Peak. The kids loved seeing snow, marmots and big horn sheep on the way! It was 22 degrees and freezing at the summit! We really liked our first train ride as a family.
The Paint Mines Interpretive Park was so incredible! The kids liked climbing on all of the colorful rocks.
Our next stop was Estes Park where we celebrated Eli's 4th birthday! He and Hazel loved staying in the RV and playing in the pretty river at Manor RV park.
A birthday donut for Eli at Krispie Kreme in Denver on our drive to Estes Park.

Eli and Hazel loved going to Fun City for his birthday. We went on the super slide and drove go carts! He and daddy won the race! We celebrated Eli's birthday with a Paw Patrol party. G and G's good friends, Pam and Dave came to celebrate too! They loved seeing Eli and Hazel and are such a sweet couple.
We visited the YMCA camp, had ice cream on the porch, made necklaces and played! 

It was in the 50's at night and we even had to use the heat! Jesse and Eli wanted to really experience camping and slept in a tent one night, but froze! Eli's favorite thing about our trip was staying in grandee and grandad's RV!
The kids loved playing in the chilly river and watching the Elk at the RV park. 

        Picnic and hike to Sprauge Lake

We got to celebrate grandee's birthday at Sweet Basilica and made a second trip around the racetrack! Eli really wanted grandad to drive the go carts with him.
Grandee and I sure got a kick out of watching Eli and Hazel in the go carts! 
We made some very special family memories and loved our time in such a beautiful place! I am so thankful we had the chance to expose the kids to the beautiful mountains and see all of God's creation up close!