Thursday, September 10, 2015

First day of school 2015-2016

Hazel is off to 2nd Grade and Eli is off to pre-school!

Hazel was thrilled that her best friend, Thea is in her class this year! She is lucky and has a lot of friends from last year in her class. 
       Mr. Barnhouse's  2nd grade class. 
Mickey overload...but cute! I think she will enjoy having a male teacher, even if it takes momma a little while to get used to the idea. ☺️

Eli is in the Monkey Pre-K class with Ms. Alicia and Ms. Catherine on Monday and Wednesday
My first day, teaching at KidsEdge! I am very thankful for the opportunity to work at such a Christ centered pre-school, at the church we love! The best part of it all is, I'll get to see my sweet boy throughout the day. He is excited that his mommy will be working at his pre-school.

The Monkey Class