Friday, November 13, 2015

Fall fun!!

We have had a slow start to the fall in Texas...warm and humid make it a little harder to get into the sport of fall! 
We had had many fun events to make up for the lack of fall weather! We went to visit Aunt Ash and her gang. We got to visit a pumpkin patch, play in the water on the trampoline, play at the park and go to an indoor jump place. 

Hazel sprorting her temporary cast, after a visit to Urgent Care. Hazel fell off the monkey bars at Timmaron Park when we met some new friends to play and the first time Hazel decided to try out the (very high) monkey bars, she fell and braced herself with her left arm and broke it. Luckily it was a slight, buckle brake and she only had to wear a removable cast for 3 weeks. 
The Monster Mash at Timber Creek was a lot of fun! Hazel and Thea are inceprable and loved playing games, eating treats and dancing. Eli was so cute in his ninja costume and loved the festival as well. 
What a treat to get to be with Eli for his special events at pre-school, like his Fall Festival. The kids rotated through games and had a great fall party! 
We got to see our sweet, Averi Grace play Vivienne in Legally Blonde Jr., the musical! We barely made it to Plano, due to raid closures, but we got there! The cousins had so much fun playing and her play was very good! We were impressed with the singing voices and acting. 

Halloween in Canoe Bend is always a lot of fun! We went to the Kable's Halloween block party before trick or treating and the kids loved all the festivities!